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Special Announcements


Click on the icon to see a flyer from Northwest State Community College for STEM2 Summer Camp.

Mobile Dentist

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Fall 2017 Mobile Dentist is
October 12 & 13.  Click Here
for a letter from Nurse Kristen
with information.


Hilltop Virtual Academy

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Williams County Safe Schools


Board of Education

Left To Right:
Kellie Gray, David Girrell, Heather Jones, Brian Wieland, Board President, Sarah Carothers, Board Vice-President


Board Members Email Address



Brian Wieland, Board President bwieland@hilltopcadets.org
Sarah Carothers, Board Vice-President scarothers@hilltopcadets.org
Dave Girrell dgirrell@hilltopcadets.org
Kellie Gray kgray@hilltopcadets.org
Heather Jones hjones@hilltopcadets.org


Schedule of 2017 Regular Meetings

Meeting Dates ~ Click Download
Meeting Dates ~ Click View

Current Board Agenda

Board Minutes

2017 Board Assignments


Audit Committee Sarah Carothers & Dave Girrell
Facility and Technology Dave Girrell & Kellie Gray
Legislation Liaison Heather Jones
Superintendent Pro-Tem Steve Riley & Laurie Worline, Building Principals